"This is one of my favorite restaurants to eat at when I visit Sarasota. The service is wonderful and friendly. The sushi is delicious, especially when the chef creates something for you. There are too many amazing dishes to list, but don't miss the specials. I have yet to try the hibachi. The sushi is just too good!"

-Be J, June 11, 2013

"I always get the Butterfish.. Hands down, this is the best Teppanyaki in SRQ"

-Rob B, June 18, 2011

"Sarasota County's best sushi! The regular menu is excellent with fresh ingredients used in the preparations. The staff is child friendly, taking special care to preparing fun sushi and entertaining at the cooking grill as they prepare your food before your eyes."

-John, Oct 5, 2008

"Saga is by far the best Japanese restaurant in Sarasota. Compared to others it is more traditional, private, and welcoming."

-SRQgirl617, Aug 11, 2008

"Saga is by far my favorite Japanese Steakhouse that I've found - anywhere. Every other place I go gets compared to them and NO ONE else has better sauces than Saga (the "white sauce" is the best ever). I love the bacon wrapped asparagus thing they give you - delicious. If you're going to go to a Japanese Steakhouse in Sarasota.. Make it Saga!"

Jennifer C, May 15, 2008

"Saga is hands down the number one teppanyaki Japanese restaurant I have ever visited. The food is exceptional and the service is wonderful. Chef Max is friendly and talented, and prepare your food in front of you, to your liking. I have yet to find a steakhouse that can beat the quality of Sagas filet mignon, or the tenderness of their scallops. Even though my most recent visit was on Valentine's Day, I was treated the same as always- with welcomeness and gratitude. I weren't rushed through dinner, or pressured to spend a fortune on a "special." Dinner was excellent, as always."

-Anonymous, February 15, 2007

"I have eaten there every other week for almost 2 years now and still find it fantastic."

-Gary Benjamin, April 18, 2002