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8383 S.Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34238

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Saga Japanese Steakhouse invites you to visit us for a delightful dining experience. Celebrating 20 Years in Sarasota, Florida!

Our experienced teppanyaki (hibachi) chef Max will entertain and delight you with his masterful cooking at your table. Or enjoy creations by our experienced sushi chef Yoshiko. Our teriyaki and tempura will make your mouth water, and for those who can't join us for an evening, we offer take-out (except for teppanyaki (hibachi) dinners).

The Saga Japanese Steakhouse is a wonderful place to host your special occasions. Business meetings, Rehearsal dinners, Birthday parties, Anniversaries, Showers, Celebrations...Our private rooms are perfect for parties.
Reservations are recommended at Teppan (Hibachi) tables.
The Sushi/Traditional dining side is available on a first come/first served basis.

Our gift cards make a great gift for any occasion.
All major credit cards are accepted.


Sushi Bar Tips

Creating sushi is an art, but eating it is fun! Simply pick up the piece of sushi. Turn it over and dip the topping (not the rice) in the small dish of soy sauce that's provided. Pop the whole piece in your mouth - Japanese style! To complement your sushi, we'll keep your teacup filled with flavorful green tea, but Sake (Japanese rice wine) and Japanese beer are also sushi favorites! While sitting at our Sushi Bar you can actually watch the Sushi Chefs deftly prepare this delightfully refreshing and low calorie food. A truly unique experience in a casual, fun atmosphere. Get to know sushi.



Japanese Rice Wine. Sip your sake hot, as is, or in a martini. Kampai (Cheers)!



Literally - "Iron Cooking" is the heart of our cuisine. In our Teppanyaki dining room our knife-flashing chefs prepare your meal at your table. The natural flavours of fresh ingredients, combined with the unique method of cooking, assure our customers of health conscious cooking, without sacrificing taste, flavor, or quality. Our Teppan chefs are wizards of the knife, each with their own style and showmanship.



It is a tradition in Japan for restaurants to provide their customers with a hot dampened towel to refresh themselves. It sure feels good to rejuvenate your hands and face. Enjoy!


醤油 Shoyu

Real Japanese Shoyu (soy sauce) is made from high-quality soybeans, roasted wheat and salt, and is fermented with special yeast. Coloring is never added. The soybean and wheat recipe was standardized by 1716. No less and epicure than Louis XIV kept Shoyo on his banquet tables. Keep it on yours. Make dishes of all kinds fit for a King. Bon Appetite!


Ohashi (Chopsticks)

The traditional dining tool of the Orient. To use chopsticks, rest the lower stick on the ring finger. Hold the upper stick with the thumb, index and middle finger. Try to keep the lower stick still while you move the upper stick. Good Luck!



Japanese green tea complements Japanese cuisine to perfection. Grading depends on district where grown, type of plant, and parts used for roasting.



Sushi does not mean raw fish. Sushi specifically refers to dishes made with rice, which traditionally include fish (often raw) and/or vegetables, wrapped in seaweed or rolled in rice. Japanese have been preparing it for centuries and chefs worldwide blend their own flair and recipes to obtain the perfect texture and combination of vegetables and/or seafood available to them to create delicious appetizers and entrees. Many of the items served at the sushi bar are not raw.


Sushi Bar

Teppanyaki Table